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Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers To Protect Your Freedom

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If you have been criminally charged in Los Angeles, California, a lot is at stake. You are on the edge of losing your freedom. It will also affect your family if you support it financially. If you are an immigrant, then your status in the United States is at stake as well. That's why you shouldn't go through this alone, and you should call our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at the john Akopian Law Firm as soon as possible. They will fight for your rights aggressively and increase your chances to end your case in the best possible way for you.


Our Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers at the John Akopian Law Firm, have defended many people in California courts. We know that life after criminal charges is not the same anymore. It is very hard for the charged person and the whole family, and sometimes, charges are being pressed without enough evidence or on the ground of false claims. It is unbelievable how many lives can be destroyed that way. But, with the right criminal defense lawyer on your side, you can challenge them and prove that you're not guilty. If that's not possible, a good lawyer can make a huge difference. He can make a difference between jail time and probation, or jail time and community service. You need to be defended very well in order to get the best possible outcome for you.


The California criminal defense attorneys at the John Akopian Law Firm have vast experience in dealing with various types of crimes, including:

  • Drug crimes (drugs possession, drugs sales)

  • DUI

  • Sex crimes (rape, child molestation)

  • Theft offenses

  • Violent crimes

  • Juvenile crimes

  • White collar crimes

  • Any other crime


Not every lawyer can provide a great criminal defense. Only those who are experienced in that can do it. Don't let novice lawyers learn the business in your case. You'll be just an experience for them, and you may lose your freedom. Believe us, when you're faced with criminal charges, it is very serious. Law enforcement loves to practice authority in criminal cases, and you won't be an exception. That's why you need an experienced lawyer who is familiar with the law, the prosecutors and the local courts. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you deserve an aggressive legal representation in the court.


That’s where the experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys at the John Akopian Law Firm can help. Our priority is to get you an outcome you can live with. Your time to get a good attorney when criminally-charged is limited.

Call us at +1 818-244-0050 as soon as possible and let’s get to fight for your freedom.


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