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Civil Litigation in Los Angeles, CA

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The Los Angeles civil litigation attorneys at the John Akopian Law Firm can assist and represent you in civil litigation cases. From our offices in Glendale, we serve clients throughout the whole state of California from our office in Glendale. If you need any assistance in civil litigation, call us at +1 818-244-0050 to schedule a free consultation.


Our civil litigation lawyers spend time in California courtrooms every day. We can easily tell whether your case has chances to be successful or not. You'll make a smart decision if you hire a lawyer to represent you. You can represent yourself in civil litigation cases, but if you're not familiar with the laws and procedures, you may easily lose the case, and it will be your responsibility. If your legal situation needs litigation, it means it is serious. Maybe you've been told that lawyers are expensive, and you should avoid them in civil cases, but we assure you that losing your case is the most expensive option you have. Do not try to do this alone.


What Can We Do For You?


First and foremost, we will investigate the facts and circumstances of your case. Once we determine the starting point, we will explain to you the legal context of our issue, what your options are, and the likely outcome. Then, we will examine whether your case is suited for trial or a settlement would be the better option. In any case, we will have your best interest in mind. Our job is to make sure that you reach your goals through the litigation or the settlement.


We can help with:


Employment disputes


Personal injury

Civil rights

Lemon law cases

Consumer protection

Bankruptcy litigation

Real estate litigation


Other civil litigation cases


We serve good people from California since 2005. We listen patiently to our clients' problems, help them understand the legal context of the issue and guide them to the outcome they desire. We work closely with them to understand their goals and offer them the best possible solution. Our Los Angeles civil litigation lawyers are not eager to get into the courtroom, though. In some cases, solving the issue before going to trial may be better and cheaper for your situation.

We represent clients in cases where we believe we can help. We won't lose your time and money if we think we can't provide the result you want. Call us at +1 818-244-0050 for a free confidential, and no-obligation consultation. We will assess all the circumstances of your case and will let you know what can be done about it, and possibly get straight to work.




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